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Guangzhou Baifen Personal Care Products Limited Company

[China]pumice sponge for pedicure use

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hi, nice sir , our factory named Guangzhou Baifen Personal Care Products LTD, are a Chinese professional pumice sponge supplier (pls viewing us as a PU pumice stone factory or buffing pad manufacturer). Pumice sponge also can be used as foot brush or household cleaning. we engaged in exporting such foot care tool and also would like to expand to other foot spa items and pedicure scope.

As a pumice sponge/ Pumice stone factory, we focused two- year energy on R&D. Such a signal focus endows us top quality, competitive price, Profuse colors, series of designs and flexible pumice OEM. Maybe We bare to say we are a leading Pumice pad supplier in china

Hope for your interest in such a pedicure care scope. Welcome you finding our factory (Guangzhou Baifen Personal Care Products Limited Company) through Google. Thank you very much.
how to use pumice sponge

1.Skin care:
Use Wet or Dry for Beautiful, Healthy and Smooth Feet, Hands, Elbows and Knees! Use around toes and soles of feet to remove calluses or dead skin. In powder form, mix with body gel soap, and use as a scrub to remove dead skin.

tips: before using it , keep the skin into water for several minutes and to ensure it softer to scrub,

Using some body oil after wiping will make the result better. Before wiping ,ensure the skin clean and wet enough.

2.Household Uses:

foot file in powder form will absorb oil, tar, residues. Just brush over the affected area, and leave until it soaks up all residues, then sweep off

Excellent for removal of unwanted stains and build-ups from tile grouting, etc
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Additional information:

Model/Article number:bf-01
Place of origin:China
Price:Ask for price
Minimum order:5,000pcs


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Guangzhou Baifen Personal Care Products Limited Company

Street:Miaochangnan road, Dayuan village, Taihe town, Baiyun section
Postal code:510540
Phone: +86 20 36784335
Fax: +86 20 36784193

Contact person

Name and Surname: Eve Zhang
Phone: +86 20 36784193
Mobile: +86 13826224663
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